Incorporating 3xBL throughout your Value Chain increases value

Product Design
- reduce usage of energy and materials
- minimize lifecycle footprint
- address fundamental unmet needs in health, shelter, energy, education…

-    buy from local producers
-    purchase fair trade ingredients

-    local manufacturing
-    outsourcing to NGOs
-    reduce distances / logistics
-    use green energy

Marketing & Distribution
-    reach the underserved populations
-    deliver education, marketing programs face-to-face
-    hire locals, train them and increase their employability

Brand building
-     leveraging value proposition (e.g. fair-trade) and CSR results

-    “work in the cloud”, teleconference, eLearning

Talent management
-   hire and retain top local employees

How to acheive these goals?

We are as committed as you are to achieve 3xBL goals. Our extensive experience in generating sustainable, profitable growth that respects people and the planet translates in a systematic yet flexible methodology to

· Assess the current goals and alignment of your business
·  Identify action items and their priorities
· Define pilots to fine-tune new business models, and measure success according to relevant Key Performance Indicators
· Design roll-out plans
· Create a foundation for continuous improvement
· Amplify support from the Board, and all stakeholders
· Build most admired brands

CSR must become a strategic generator of profitable growth

Four billion women and men live on USD 2 - 8 per day. Considered very poor by Western standards, they nevertheless aspire to adequate nutrition, health, children education, mobile communications… in other words, to purchase products and services that improve their lives. Multinational corporations have experimented serving them through charitable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, often of limited scale and duration.

In fact, CSR and profits are not mutually exclusive. Ultimately, “the business of business is business”. CSR must become a strategic generator of profitable growth.

A “Triple Bottom Line” (3xBL) approach:
1.       Provides fair returns to your shareholders
2.       Delivers social benefits
3.       Safeguards our planet’s resources

3xBL supports all dimensions of your Growth Strategy

Profitable growth typically results from a combination of
· Excellence in operations
· Innovation in products and services
· Expanded distribution achieved either organically or through alliances and acquisitions.

Creatively incorporating 3xBL principles to each growth component creates tremendous market differentiation and increases your stakeholders’ confidence in your success.


Strategy, Planning, Execution, and the Culture they rely on, need full alignment

Once 3xBL Growth becomes part of your Mission and Vision, it cannot just stay there. Your whole business model must be aligned to achieve it.

· Align your management team on the selected 3xBL goals

· Harmonize your offering of products and services towards this goal

· Develop talent and organize your company accordingly (e.g. in fast developing economies)

· Implement supportive infrastructures and processes

· Ultimately foster a culture that will perpetuate and amplify 3xBL







































3xBL (TM) Triple Bottom-Line Consulting is a management consulting division of Imagiance LLC, a Limited Liability Company